Youth Services Program

Youth Services

Our youth program offers a series of activities that provide prevention education and intervention services designed to eliminate substance abuse, lower school dropout rates, reduce the rate of teen pregnancy, and minimize delinquent behaviors.

The first component of the program delivers Positive Action, a research-based curriculum, to youth between the ages 6-17 during the regular academic school year at HISD schools in Houston’s Greater East End, Galena Park ISD schools, and Pasadena ISD schools.

A second component to the program focuses on parents. The Positive Action Parenting Program is also a research-based curriculum that provides an opportunity for parents and counselors to work together in a relaxed atmosphere as they explore developmental, asset-rich activities focused on self-assessment, character building and goal setting.

Lastly, Youth Services offers Camp Fresh. This is a 10 week summer program for youth ages 4-17 which key components includes life skills training, academic, recreational and cultural enrichment activities including college readiness courses and SAT preparation classes through our Countdown to College.

Camp Fresh is the ideal solution for families seeking a high quality, safe, drug free and structured environment to increase life/social skills and positive peer-bonding alternatives for their children.
Delivered by trained prevention specialists, camp offers a balanced mix of academic support, health and wellness, recreation, arts and cultural experiences for elementary, middle and high school students.

We are also proud to provide other educational and support services through our other agency programs: Family Support Services, Adult Education, Bright Start and Early Childhood Education.

The Youth program follows an evidence-based positive action curriculum provided by trained prevention specialists that emphasizes building healthy children, strong families, and communities. The focus is on reducing major risk behaviors through character development and life/social skill learning activities that promote and foster resiliency. This often includes lessons in problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making and goal setting.

Youth Program [Ages 5-17]

Available Monday through Friday at participating schools.
Participants receive:

  • Group session (at participating schools)
  • Opportunity to learn and acquire new life/social skills, meet new friends and broaden their horizons
  • Enrichment-positive alternatives and presentations
  • Opportunity to attend field trips to local parks, libraries, arts, and cultural organizations to enhance classroom lessons.

Youth Program [Ages 13-17]

Available Monday through Friday at participating middle and high schools.

The Youth Services program for 13 – 17-year-olds offers:

  • year-round leadership opportunities for pre-teen and adolescents.
  • asset-rich curriculum that includes self-assessment tools,
  • leadership and character building, service-learning projects and academic support that promotes achievement and goal setting.

The program delivers a wide range of developmental activities focused on achieving life-changing results and preparing youth for real-world success through life-skills education, positive alternatives, and presentations.

Special activities such as

  • developmental assets
  • financial literacy
  • journal writing

Recreational and cultural activities enhance

  • community connections
  • sports /team building that in return provide lasting positive friendships
  • opportunities to discover and practice new skills.
  • healthy lifestyle through health and nutrition
  • substance abuse prevention

Parenting Program

Available to all including parents of children enrolled in our youth programs. These two-hour parenting classes are conducted at multiple school campuses.

Our participants can follow their progress through functional evaluations taken at the time of enrollment and again at the end of the program.

Our holistic approach includes:

  • Health and wellness activities, such as aerobics and nutrition classes, to combat obesity and diabetes.
  • Leisure-time activities such as field trips, arts and crafts are also be provided.

Camp Fresh

Camp Fresh is a 10-week summer day program for children and adolescents ages 4 – 17.

Camp Dates:
Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. beginning in June

Campers receive:

  • Supervised, fun-filled days
  • Weekly themes that encourage each child to learn and embrace diverse cultures
  • Field trips
  • Engaging activities such as:
    • arts and crafts
    • nutrition, sports, and fitness support to combat obesity and diabetes
    • science, reading and writing
    • computer lab and more

Daily lesson plans blend recreational activities with practical academic enrichment to ensure that students retain knowledge gained during the school year and are prepared for the upcoming fall semester.

Countdown to College

Countdown to College is a FREE summer program exclusively offered through Community Family Centers. It is designed to offer you the information and resources you need to prepare for college!

You can look forward to:

  • Workshops with fun activities that give you everything you wanted to know about applying for college, choosing a career, and finding work in your field of interest.
  • Tours to university/college campuses in Houston and surrounding areas
  • Visits from guest speakers and professors from all over Houston
  • Direct access to college students who are ready to answer all your questions

Our staff is eager to answer any questions you have about the college experience and we cannot wait to help you achieve your dreams! Are you ready for the countdown?

After School Program

After school program is back in session .

Children receive help with school work and participate in other curricular activities of their interest

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If you have any questions about the information listed above, please contact us Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 713.923.2316.

Youth Services Program Director

Rosalba Castillo