Community Family Centers is committed to educating individuals, supporting families, and strengthening the community throughout Houston’s East End communities. The generosity of donors like you makes it possible for us to serve 40,000 people every year, and we appreciate your interest in the life-changing work we do.

Your gift is changing lives, supporting families, and strengthening generations:

  • $1,000 can provide a family with diapers, formula, clothing, and all other necessities for a baby’s first year of life
  • $2,500 can provide a family of 4 with healthy groceries for one year
  • $5,000 can provide a class of adult learners with study guides and learning software and cover exam fees to help get their GED
  • $10,000 can provide a month of weekly field during our summer day camp, Camp Fresh

We proudly participate in the Randalls Good Neighbor program and Kroger Community Rewards. Mark Community Family Centers as your designated organization to change lives and strengthen your local community as you shop!


Community Family Centers accepts donations of clothing, office supplies, furniture, toys and more. If you are interested in making an in-kind gift, please complete the form HERE and contact Harla Kaplan, 713-923-2316 ext 1230.

Contact Us

If you prefer to make your gift by mail, please download form here , fill out , and make your check payable  to “Community Family Centers” . Once complete please send form and contribution  to Community Family Centers 7524 Avenue E, Houston, TX 77012. To make a gift by phone, please contact us at:
Phone: 713.923.2316.