Community Family Centers Receives $35,000 Grant for Workforce Development from Texas Mutual

Community Family Centers (CFC) announced today it was awarded a workforce development grant from Texas Mutual. This grant will go towards providing assistance to low income people in a changing labor market through skill development, workforce safety training, and building career pathways from low-wage to higher-paying jobs.


CFC seeks to eliminate obstacles for academic advancement, improved employment opportunities, career pathway explorations, workforce development training, and career advancement. Eliminating these roadblocks will help community members transition to higher paying jobs and help families break the cycle of poverty.


President and CEO Maritza Guerrero, upon learning of the award from Texas Mutual, stated: “We are so grateful to Texas Mutual for their generosity.  We know that with this funding our Adult Education program will be able to provide the occupational training and additional skills needed to get our students to jobs with higher wages.”


Texas Mutual’s mission is to create a stronger, safer Texas. That commitment has never been more important than it is now as we emerge from a global pandemic that has threatened our economy, exacerbated inequities and sent the unemployment rate skyrocketing. Texas businesses have shown incredible resiliency over the last year by adapting to additional safety protocols and keeping their doors open while also keeping their employees safe. Now, as we round the corner with vaccine distribution and with return-to-office plans in place, we have begun the long road to recovery. To support Texas Communities, businesses and working families, Texas Mutual has committed $4 million for generational learning and workforce development and safety training.


Texas has always been a state that overcomes adversity with a defiant determination—some might even call miraculous. Whatever you call it, it’s a relentless and unstoppable force. As a company that exclusively does business in this great state, Texas Mutual joins that spirit with an unwavering commitment to creating stronger, safer and more resilient communities across the state.